Best Natural Mask For Pimple

Honey, cucumber, and clay are three best natural ingredients from various natural mask materials provided by nature has been know to have great benefits as a therapy for acne treatment.

3 above materials can also help make your skin look smooth and health and work quickly and easily.

You should get used yourself to mask with natural based, because masks that made from natural ingredients is also clearly much better than chemical products.

Let's learn how to make a natural mask from cucumber, honey, and clay.
This mask is highly recommended to use especially for those who have oily skin

All you need is a green clay powder, a half cucumber, and 2 tablespoons of acacia honey.

First, you have to peel the cucumber and mash it the best that you can do. Then mix it with honey and powdered clay until that 3 ingredients mix well.

Apply the mask on your skin and leave for about 20 minutes.
Then wash and clean your skin, for best result, wash your skin using warm water.

If you are using those masks regularly, you will have a good, healthy and glowing skin.

Honey, cucumber, and clay mask can be used for both younger and older people because there's no chemicals included in those masks. In particular, this mask doesn't have an allergic reaction.
Don't forget to clean your skin before applying the mask.

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